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The industry’s leading aftermarket supercharger manufacturer, for nearly twenty-five years, Procharger has been designing, engineering and building the most powerful, reliable and advanced centrifugal superchargers on the market.

Along with sister company, Inovair, focusing on aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications, ProCharger is headquartered in Kansas City. With a new regional presence in the San Francisco Bay Area in proximity to Sonoma Raceway, the ProCharger team continues to push the envelope of what is possible both on the street and on the strip.

We take great pride in being a fully integrated company manufacturing our products here in the U.S.



$2,190.00 $1,950.00

SKU: 140590BC

BORLA® Cat-Back™ Exhaust 'S' Type - 2.5" - Black Tip #140590BC

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$2,150.00 $1,890.00

SKU: 140590

BORLA® Cat-Back™ Exhaust 'S' Type - 2.5" - Polished Tip #140590

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$2,399.00 $2,190.00

SKU: 140629BC

BORLA® Cat-Back™ Exhaust 'S' Type - 3.0" - Black #140629BC

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$2,399.00 $2,190.00

SKU: 140629

BORLA® Cat-Back™ Exhaust 'S' Type - 3.0" - Polished Tip #140629

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